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Should not blindly follow the trend of LED lighting and

Source: China Building Materials first net

LED is a sunrise industry, technology developed rapidly and expanded to many fields, including medicine. Currently, the main problem is that price is not high, LED is widely used in developed countries, both from the government policy is concerned, or from in terms of energy saving, LED market prospects are bright, in developed countries, the near future, LED will replace incandescent lamps, a new generation of lighting products.

LED is now good prospects, and now technology has become the financial aspects of the scale, and with the popularity of environmental awareness, saving environmentally friendly LED lighting market and society will naturally become the darling of many government departments are caused by its very high importance, lighting set up bases from China can explain. I am also engaged in this industry, although difficult to start, but the government from which helped a lot, so do not worry about bankruptcy.

With the increasingly high efficiency LED light, LED has been used in daily life lighting, the largest application is in LED decorative, you can see it LED urban lighting projects, this year the Government expects to purchase two million LED street lighting. The cake is the LED industry is growing in volume. LED technology requirements, however high, do not know want to do production or sale of this piece. Look at what LED, LED main components present significant decline in chip prices, luminous flux reach 90-100lm / w, the price will 10 1W, made into lamps also 40 yuan or less. The price will drop a lot this year. As for the LZ that LED will be accepted by the market when, in fact, problems related to consumer attitudes, the majority of people the first consideration is price, in the long term energy saving, LED still has a big advantage. To be sure, in the context of the world's energy, LED lighting is at least half of the country, this is no problem at all, you look at the current LED applications, it is outdoor advertising are beginning to use LED display, the 2008 Olympic Games Water Cube, the opening ceremony the picture, changing characters, Mr., are LED credit. LED really where to domestic consumption, I am afraid to wait until the mainland LED chips can be mass-produced separately, at that time a lot of LED lighting commercial street lighting certainly shop.

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