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Dongguan awarded the high-tech semiconductor lighting industrial bases

Recently, in 2010, Dongguan Science and Technology Awards Conference and promote the development of LED industry meeting on Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, was awarded the "high-tech National Semiconductor Lighting Project Industrialization Base", and with the signing of Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province " provinces and cities to build green lighting model framework agreement. " Dongguan Municipal Committee, Municipal People's Congress Liu Zhigeng director, said the "five-second" period, Dongguan City, will focus on supporting at least 2.5 billion investment in LED industry.

LED output in 2015 reached 500 billion yuan, or

LED industry is a strategic, Dongguan City, to nurture new industries. The past two years, Dongguan City, the annual output of LED industry rose by more than 100%. As of the end of 2009, Dongguan City, has been engaged in LED lighting technology and product development, production and application of more than 100 enterprises, the annual output value of more than 50 billion.

LED industry, Dongguan City, key equipment involved, the substrate material, chip, package, application and supporting materials and other areas, initially formed a complete industrial chain, including key equipment applications such as manufacturing and packaging technology is the leading domestic level, in the industry chain formation of a certain middle and lower reaches of industrial clustering effect.

In the "second Five-Year" period, the four industrial action will be implemented in Dongguan, by 2015, Dongguan related businesses more than 300 LED, LED industry output value reached 500 billion yuan.

"4 10" LED industry to promote

It is understood that, although the LED industry in Dongguan has developed rapidly, but still in the middle and lower part of the industrial chain, smaller companies, only 5 million businesses.

Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau of the relevant responsible person said, "Twelve Five" period, Dongguan will focus on leading-edge LED industry with 10 major breakthroughs key techniques, and promote the industrialization of the 10 major projects in 10 Towns and promotion of the park system LED products, focusing on support 10 backbone enterprises.

To promote energy conservation and fostering strategic emerging industries, Dongguan will comprehensively promote the LED demonstration projects. End of next year, plans to report the implementation of the project Zhenjie, transformation, and newly installed LED lights 51,154, total investment is expected to reach 477.77 million yuan project. Reporter learned that these projects are mainly located in Songshan Lake, Guancheng, Shilong, East, Wan Jiang, South City, the central hall, Wangniudun, Ma Chong, high? D ⑸ ぐ disease process spear ⒊ ⒋ i crack Xu Jian Jian disease ⒋ exhausted real? nine parks and town street. City finance demonstration projects will meet the standards of procurement LED lighting products, LED lamps according to the price of 10% of the subsidies.

Striving to pioneer the development of LED industry

Liu Zhigeng that the LED industry in Dongguan City, an early start, rapid development, industrial chain, innovation and strong comprehensive strength has been in the country formed a certain advantage. If further increase support for efforts to bear fruit soon. Dongguan plans to "second Five-Year" period of at least 2.5 billion investment, focus on supporting the development of LED industry, focusing on the introduction of a number of quality projects, a number of key breakthroughs in key technologies, focusing on cultivating a number of industry leaders, and strive to build an industry in Dongguan large scale, high concentration of industry, continuous innovation ability, outstanding overall competitive advantage of modern LED cluster, and strive to become the Guangdong Province, Dongguan, LED industry in recent years.

It is understood that in Shilong, Dongguan City has, Shek Pai, Shi Jie, Dongcheng, Heng Li, Chang Ping, Humen Zhen Jie promote the application of LED lights 20000. According to City planning requirements for the development of LED industry in 2015 in Dongguan of accumulated installed more than 100,000 LED lamps.

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